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The modules due for the 2020 Program Review Cycle are:

  • Curriculum (*Instructional programs only)
  • Data - Achievement
  • Data - Enrollment
  • Facilities
  • Goals
  • Influences,Collaboration & Grants
  • Professional Development
  • Service Outcomes Update (*all areas providing services/operational areas)
  • SLO Update (*Instructional programs only)
  • Staffing (all Other)
  • Staffing (Instructional - All tenure track positions)
  • Supplies
  • Technology
  • Viability/Self-Study (*areas previously or currently on viability/self-study)

Refer to the required modules list. Contact Michelle Fowles or Christina Peter if you still have a question about whether or not you need to complete a specific module.


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  • For the 2020 cycle, most responses are rolled over from the prior cycle except for resource requests. *Varies by module.
  • To access the prior system (2017 & prior) click here.
  • The last module is a summary report of requests made in the modules.  If your request does not appear there, it is not an official request.
  • You will only see the units that you are assigned to as a contributor, validator or viewer.

New Features & Updates:

All full-time faculty have view rights.   

ALL modules due June 30th (11:59pm) annually.

Please check with your deans and supervisors for internal due dates prior to the system close date of June 30th.

ALL validations due September 1st.



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